Friday, July 10, 2009

Dr Marian Koren speaks at the 6th Senior High School Library in Egaleo

A special evening on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at the 6th Senior High School Library in Egaleo, Attica.
organized an event about (what else?) school libraries.
Dr. Marian Koren, who is head of Research & Public Relations of the Netherlands Association of Public Libraries [VERENIGING OPENBARE BIBLIOTHEKEN] gave the keynote speech .
Her topic was libraries and children's rights, but of course she focused on the tasks libraries undertake in order to meet the new trends of the information society.
She also spoke about the situation in the Netherlands, where public libraries also play an educational role by transforming their children's sections [Jeugdbibliotheek] into "school" libraries, Librarians cooperate with teachers so as to better meet the needs of their young users.
Koren also presented the excellent idea of
an "Extended School Library" [Brede School Bibliotheek]
As we saw in the short video, primary pupils (aged 8-10) take an active role as "Librarians" [their title is medewerker, a free translation in English would be "people in charge of the library"].
The result of their involvement in the management of the library is obvious: they end up using the library more and they also experience a sense of achievement.
Similar attempts have also been made in Greece in the Municipal Library of Veria and the Kindergarten at Kaparelli.

The event was also attended by teacher librarians in Athens as well as:
Christine Tzimis, Athens Goethe Institute [Goethe Institut Athen],
Janta van Lienden, the Netherlands Institute in Athens
[Het Nederlands Instituut in Athene]
and Barbro Wigell-Ryynänen in charge of libraries at the Finnish Ministry of Education.

The following colleagues helped organize the event:
Doxa Karasavvoglou (hostess)
Helen Karavanidou (organizational manager)
Manolis Lemontzoglou (technical support)
Ageliki Platania (interpreter)
Lili Papaspyropoulou (organization)
George Barberis (video)
Despina Koutli (design & production of the poster and bookmark)
Manolis Ninos (presentation of the speaker)

Photos of the event at the website of the High School Library in Magoula

The video of the event in the
School Libraries EPEAEK blog

Dr Marian Koren also spoke at the
6th International Conference
Library policies: from local to national
11 and 12 June 2009

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