Friday, March 11, 2011

9th Peristeri Junior High School Library OPAC on the internet

Joomla! enabled us to add our OPAC on the website of our school library.
[Click "OPAC" on the top menu.]
The OPAC contains all 6900 items of our collection [printed, audio & digitized material].
Special emphasis has been paid to user-friendliness, so that this valuable tool can be used easily by our young members [aged 12-15].
The user can search by title, author or folksonomy tag.
For Greek authors use Greek, for foreign authors use Latin characters [e.g ΚΑΖΑΝΤΖΑΚΗΣ, VERNE]
As soon as the student has found the item he needs, he can find it quite easily on its appropriate shelf, by using its DDC number.
For fiction, we use the following labels [instead of DDC numbers, which are used for non-fiction items]:
ΕΜ Greek Novels
ΞΜ Foreign Novels
ΕΠ Greek Poetry
ΞΠ Foreign Poetry
ΕΔ Greek Short stories
ΞΔ Foreign Short stories

If one chooses the advanced search [Σύνθετη αναζήτηση], he can eliminate the fields by clicking:
Συγγραφείς [authors]
Τίτλος     [title]
Περιγραφή  [folksonomy tag]
Εκδότης    [publisher]

So, we are the first Greek public [state] school library, which has its entire collection searchable through its OPAC.

Only free software/open source software was used for our OPAC:
OpenOffice Calc for the initial catalogue
Joomla! for uploading the catalogue on the website

The data base was written [and it's regularly updated] by the school library teacher Emmanuel Ninos
The computerese work [data migration] was done by computer science teacher Andreas Papakleovoulou.

Many thanks to [ΠΣΔ] Greek School Network for offering us space on its servers, for our website!

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